In our effort to contact a live ICO based company Xsearch we stumbled on some facts that raise the question if this ICO company is real or a scam. We found number of conflicting facts that suggest that this new blockchain company is not being truthful to its investors and potential customers. We found that number company team members are not associated with the new company. Here is what we found:

On the official company website, two of the company team members denied having being associated with Xsearch.

Xsearch P1

ICO HOLDER site! Rates this ICO as 4.06 and gives the company team 3.95 and yet these are different team members than those posted on the company official site. Also, one of these team members also denied having anything to do with Xsearch. She stated “They are using my information without my permission”. This site actually states “Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team”. See screenshots below.

Xsearch P3

Xsearch P2


BenchMrkPro has reached out to the two stated founders to seek clarification and as of June 28, 2018, none have replied.

There are still 11 days remaining in this CIO and if you are an investor and planning to buy this company’s tokens, you should verify this company. These facts suggest extreme caution when considering investing in You may be at risk of losing your money.

In all investment considerations, when planning to buy tokens of any blockchain ICO, educate yourself with facts. Check out the company team members and their white paper. Startup companies which want to become successful will not hide their identity. They will want their investors and future customers to know them and their company. When something like this is present, red flags should be raised and caution exercised.

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