Our Mission – BMPRO is an expert in helping blockchain startup companies creates successful businesses. We help buyers who are considering blockchain for their business find the best solution and vendors who can help them.

Our Passion – At BMPRO, we believe that blockchain is here to stay and that it will revolutionize how we conduct business in the next decade. We are passionate in helping blockchain startups engage their target customers and help them benefit from blockchain potential.

Challenges – After analyzing 100’s of blockchain startups, we understand the landscape of today’s blockchain technology. There are still many challenges to overcome and with the right guidance, we are confident that we can help overcome them.

Our experience – Combined, we offer over 5 decades of in trenches experience helping startups monetize their solutions. We want to see blockchain technologies help their customers revolutionize how they conduct business in the next decade.

Jerry Witkowicz – CEO and Founder

Jerry WI started this company out of frustration of seeing so many great new blockchain startups repeating the same basic mistakes that caused the dot-com era startups to fail. I see so many brilliant blockchain solution concepts planned by today’s new startups. These young developers are passionate about developing the next generation technology that promises to revolutionize how we do business in the future.

Having personally witnessed the dot-com technology bubble, the same passion drove many dot-com startups to develop the next generation technology for the same reasons. Many startups failed simply because they had no plan on how they will earn revenue, who they will sell to and how they will market their solutions.

As a founder of BMPRO, I leverage more than four decades of in-the-trenches entrepreneurial experience in helping companies put the value of their solutions to work on behalf of their balance sheet. I’ve been very closely involved in product development, marketing and sales throughout my career and most of my experience has been in the international B2B field. I’ve garnered A-List of experience in selling technical products and services on many continents and I have a good handle on the cultural side of how business is done on the planet.

Contact me at jerry@bmpro.io to find out how we can help you avoid the dot-com mistakes and drive better results for your company.


 Sayed B Wayzi – Co-Founder of BMPRO

SayedNetwork & Bridge Builder, Intelligent Design, Astrophile, Serial Entrepreneur, Futurist

I hold a business degree, 15 years of experience in a multitude of startups, from your school treasurer to c-level positions within organizations. I believe in bringing value to an organization by seeing it all through a bird’s eye view, designing the best fit. Develop planning and strategic execution, providing the tools for all those who want it.

Jerry and I founded BMPRO as an organization, to become that bridge for informed decisions: governments, institutions, organizations and retail investors who today are inside of a new world with block chain, initial coin offerings (ICO’s) and all of the buzz words. We want to simplify it; simplicity is the key, right?

We want to help increase awareness, fuel adoption and provide insights into this leading edge technology through a simple criterion that we have developed and continue to improve. We have exciting plans for BMPRO, addressing real problems in the space. We will open up the community forums in the near future, help us start that conversation and set the standards that will change the space forever.

Contact me at sayed@bmpro.io


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